An Overview of Noopept

Noopept is a peptoid nootropic first developed in Russia. It is currently being studied for it’s ability to treat Alzeheimers, among other neurological disorders.

Noopept seems to be among the nootropics with the most variable effects. This is true of all nootropics, but it seems to be especially so when it comes to Noopept. This is because it is highly dependent on your own individual neurochemistry. Therefore it is very important to reviews of Noopept (or any nootropic, for that matter) with a big grain of salt. Just because somebody else had a good experience with a given nootropic does not mean that you will too.

The main positive effects which people report getting from Noopept are increased sociability, and enhanced focus. The main negative effects which people report getting from Noopept are decreased short term memory, and sometimes headaches. As I said before, these are highly individual, and you may not even experience any of these effects at all.

For me personally, Noopept gives me a little bit of good effects, and a little bit of bad.

The main effect which I get from Noopept is a very strong focus. Taking Noopept allows me to sit working on boring work for hours at a time. I am very ADHD and normally have incredible trouble focusing on being productive, so this has been a huge boon to me. Since I have begun taking Noopept I have seen a noticeable increase in my performance at work, and in my overall quality of life.

As far as negative effects go, the main negative side effect which I get from Noopept is irritability. When I take Noopept I get this overwhelming feeling of being right. It’s as if everything that somebody else says which I disagree with slightly is automatically incredibly wrong and idiotic, and I have to let them know exactly how wrong and idiotic I think it is. This has led to me being an asshole more than a few times. I am trying to find a way to counter this effect, but it seems unlikely. This is obviously a bit of a pain in the ass, and I wish I didn’t get effected by Noopept in this way.

For me personally, the positive here is so good that it is worth experiencing the negative. Yes, it isn’t fun for me or anybody else involved that I am a confrontational asshole on days when I take Noopept, but the pro-focus effects which Noopept gives me have made me so productive, that it is simply worth it to me. Depending on which effects you get from Noopept, and the intensity of those effects, your experience may vary.

I want to reiterate: This was only my personal experience with Noopept, and shouldn’t be taken as guidelines of how Noopept will effect you personally. In order to know that, you would actually have to take Noopept yourself. Regardless, I hope you found the information in here useful.

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