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Aniracetam is a very popular fat soluble member of the racetam family of nootropics. Aniracetam is primarily known for it’s simultaneous focus boosting and anxiety fighting effects1

Aniracetam is frequently used by college students and businessmen for it’s ability to increase productivity and focus. Aniracetam is so popular for a few reasons:

1. Aniracetam is good for your brain. Unlike neurotoxic stimulants such as Adderall and Ritallin, Aniracetam is actually good for your brain health. There is a substantial amount of research which demonstrates that Aniracetam is neuroprotective, and may even be an effective treatment for Alzheimers.234

2. Aniracetam gets becomes more effective the longer you use it. Rather than resulting in a tolerance buildup after prolonged usage like most other nootropics, the effects of Aniracetam actually get better over time. This is due to what is known as the buildup effect. When you take Aniracetam consistently it builds up in your system, and this leads to its beneficial effects becoming stronger over time. This effect is not permanent, and will go away after abstaining from Aniracetam usage.

3. It fucking works. With most nootropics there is a high degree of variability between people. A nootropic that works great for one person may have no effects on another. Something unique about Aniracetam is that it’s very consistent in it’s benefits to those who use it.




•Reduced Anxiety

•Increased Mood

•Increased Mental Acuity

Possible Side Effects






The average dosage of Aniracetam is 800-2500mg

I recommend starting at the lower end of the dosage spectrum, and slowly working your way up. This method of dosage titration should be used with all new nootropics that you take. This helps to avoid any possible negative side effects.

Aniracetam has a relatively short span of effects, lasting only 2-3 hours. Because of this some people re-dose 1-2 times in a day after taking their initial dose.

For me personally, 1200mg twice a day is the perfect amount.


There are a few different places where you can buy Aniracetam, but it’s important to have discretion about where you get it from. Nootropics are often sourced from Chinese chemical production facilities with poor standards of quality control. There are many reports of nootropics produced in these facilities being low potency or tainted with heavy metals. Because of this I advise that you only buy nootropics from trustworthy sources which test their nootropics in house. I get mine here.


In order to consume Aniracetam simply place the powder on your tongue, and quickly wash it down with some juice or water. Aniracetam does have a chemically taste (though not as bad as Phenibut), but it goes away pretty quickly if you was it down with something.

If swallowing a heaping pile of sour powder isn’t your cup of tea,  another way of consuming Aniracetam is to parachute it. Here’s how you do it:

Take a square of toilet paper or tissue and rip off a small piece, about 1/4 of it. Place your pile of Aniracetam in the center, then fold the sides of the wrapper up to the top and pinch them together. After doing this lightly wet the tip of the bundle, and twist it so it sticks.

Now simply place the parachute on your tongue, and wash it down with 180 proof grain alcohol (or water… I guess).

Nootropic Stacks

Many people find that the benefits of Aniracetam are increased when combining it with other nootropics in a stack. If you plan on taking a combination, it is a smart idea to take lower doses of each nootropic than you would normally take when consuming them individually. Here are some of the commonly used stacks:


This stack is the bread and butter of Aniracetam supplementation.

Aniracetam increases levels of acetylcholine in the brain, so like the other members of the racetam family it is a good idea to take it with a choline supplement. Choline is a building block of acetylcholine, and without supplementing it you may get choline fatigue, which can result in result in brain fog, lethargy and headaches.

These are the three most commonly used types of choline:

1. Citicholine

2. Alpha GPC

3. Choline Bitartrate

Citicholine is the least cheapest and least effective of these, and Alpha GPC is the best and most expensive. If you don’t mind shelling out a bit extra I recommend going with the Alpha GPC, but if not either of the other two will get the job done.


This stack is generally very favored among those who use Aniracetam. Piracetam has a slightly stimulating side to it, and this can combine well with the zen anxiolytic effect of Aniracetam.

If you decide to give this stack a go, start with a lower than average dosage of each, as they potentiate each other.

My Experience

Since I was young I have always struggled with anxious internal dialogue. It’s as if I have this negative voice inside of my head that is constantly telling me I’m not good enough to get girls, make more money, or be successful.

When I take Aniracetam this feeling goes away, and I am able to go about my day without being assaulted by negative thoughts. This effect which I and many others experience from Aniracetam is likely due to to the way in which it increases Alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are associated with meditative states and relaxation.  [1. Ulrich Kraft. Train Your Brain-Mental exercises with neurofeedback may ease symptoms of attention-deficit disorder, epilepsy and depression–and even boost cognition in healthy brains. Scientific American. 2006]5

A study conducted on Piracetam, Aniracetam’s close cousin demonstrated that it increases the frequency of alpha brain waves. Aniracetam very likely shares this effect.6


It’s beginning safety profile combined with it’s effectiveness makes Aniracetam a very versatile nootropic. If you struggle with anxious thoughts, you are unlikely to find a treatment as effective as Aniracetam. You may not get the exact same effects as me or others, but it you feel that anxiety is negatively effecting your life, and you have $30 to spare, then you should consider trying Aniracetam.

Where I get mine


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