L-Theanine and Anxiety

Lots of folks are opposed to the thought of supplementing with nootropic compounds, despite the fact that these compounds can benefit attention, focus, and a host of other areas. People somehow connote these compounds with “drugs”, and liken them to pot, alcohol, or even worse. I think that this is an unfair classification of nootropics, and does not give them due credit for the benefits they can produce. Let me give you a personal story of how nootropics have benefited me.

When I was younger, I never fit in in school. I was always the kidding sitting and eating his lunch alone. On weekends other kids would go out with their friends to the movies, to parties, or just hang out together. I was so socially anxious that I didn’t have any friends, and would sit at home playing World of Warcraft. Obviously, this wasn’t a desirable childhood, and I wanted more.

Around the time I was 16, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and research different ways of fighting anxiety on the internet. It was important to me that whatever method I decided on was sustainable in the long term, and would continue to benefit me over time. This immediately ruled out anti-anxiety prescription medications such as Xanax and Klonopin.

I read that some of the main options were therapy, meditation, and exposure to my fear. Now, at that point the thought of exposing myself to it and facing my fear head on was way too much, and I couldn’t bear the thought of doing it.

Meditation was nice, and I took it up as a habit. Over the next couple of years I did practice meditation frequently, and I found it to have some benefits. For example, it did quiet my mind, and caused me to have less anxious thoughts, and thus to be less depressed. Unfortunately, it didn’t help too much with my issues with social anxiety, and relating to others. Whenever I was faced with a social situation I was always faced with the same dark feeling in my chest, and I got all awkward and tongue tied.

Therapy was also a good idea, and I started bi-monthly meetings with a local therapist named John. Seeing John also helped me with my depression and anxiety, but I felt that it didn’t actually help me find serious solutions to my real-world problems. I would discuss my issues with him, yes, but I was so anxious that I often was afraid to tell him the truth about was going on in my head. This led to less than productive therapy sessions.

Another option which I read about was supplementation with nootropics. I read that certain nootropics can be very beneficial for anxiety, so I discussed it with my parents and they agreed to let me order some. My first time I placed an order for some L-Theanine. As soon as it arrived I look 400mg – a very high dose, but I wanted to really test the stuff to see how effective it was. Let’s just say… DAMN! It was incredible. All my fears, anxiety and stress simply melted away. The thought of talking to strangers, or even pretty girls wasn’t terrifying to me like it usually way.

Having such strong, positive effects from L-Theanine gave me the little boost that I needed to begin to expose myself to my fears. From that time onwards I would go out every day to expose expose myself to my fears with the goal of ultimately getting over them. At first I would simply go outside and walk around for an hour ,aking eye contact with different strangers. Before this I had always walked with my head down and averted eye contact, so just doing that was an incredible feat for me. After gaining the confidence form doing that, I worked my way up to saying hi to strangers on the street. From there I went on to asking for directions, and further.

From this day I do not have social anxiety anymore. I still take it sometimes with coffee to help me focus, but I don’t need L-Theaine in order to conquer my social anxiety. Simply getting that little push from it was enough to allow me to beat my anxiety on my own terms. If you feel that you suffer from the same issues which I used to suffer form and that I described here, then you should consider ordering L-Theanine – it can be very helpful.

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