Oxiracetam vs Piracetam

Oxiracetam and Piracetam are two of the first developed nootropic substances out there.

Piracetam being the first created of the two, and Oxiracetam following soon afterwards. They are used as cognitive enhancers for a wide variety of different areas, ranging from enhanced focus, to increased verbal fluency and memory, to the increased sociability which some people get from them.

For me personally, Oxiracetam gives me many more of the effects than Piracetam does. When i take Piracetam, I get a slight increase in sociability, that’s all. I have heard many reports of people getting far better benefits form Piracetam than this, so I was mildly disappointed when I tried it for the first time and realized that it didn’t work for me.

However, when I take Oxiracetam I get a very strong surge of enhanced focus, motivation, and greatly increased sociability. These effects are very powerful, and have only gotten better and stronger the longer that I have been taking Oxiracetam.

The funny thing is, my friend gets the exact opposite from these two nootropics. He says that Oxiracetam just makes him cranky and irritable, and Piracetam gives him the benefits of greater focus and sociability, similar to the effects which I get from Oxiracetam.

I found this so strange. How could we have taken the exact same nootropics and gotten such widely different effects from them. After hearing this from him, I started to look into it. It turns out that this is due to the phenomenon of nootropic variability. This means that the effects of nootropics are highly dependent on your individual neurochemistry. Two people can take the exact same nootropic chemical, and it may effect them completely differently based on how it meshes with their personal neurochemistry.

What this means is, it’s nice to read reviews of different nootropics on the internet, sure. It can also be very useful for gathering different information on them, and people’s opinions about them. However, it is not an accurate judgement of how any given nootropic will effect you Personally. The only way to know this for sure is to buy a specific nootropic and test it yourself. This is obviously the best and only way to know which nootropics will work for you.

If you plan on buying/using either or both of these nootropics, it is very important that you take them alongside a choline supplement. If you don’t do this you could very well end up with a condition known as choline fatigue. Choline fatigue is characterized by headaches, dizziness, and tiredness. None of these effects are life threatening or anything. but they are easily avoided, so you should just take a choline supplement with your racetams.

Now, there are many different forms of choline available, so it can sometimes be confusing to pick. There are 3 main forms which are commonly sold today: choline CPD, choline GPC, and choline bitartrate. Out of these forms (and all forms) of choline, GPC choline is by far the most digestible and bio-available to our bodies. The way these nootropics work is that they increase our bodies production of acetylcholine, so it is necessary to give them choline as fuel to do this. Being the most bio-available out of all the forms of choline, alpha GPC is the most efficient, effective source of fuel in this regard. It is a bit more expensive, but I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading, and if you decide to purchase either or both of these nootropics, good luck!

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